​​​7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment- Support Coordination Agency 

Empower families and strive to ensure the health, success and safety of those we serve


Intensive In-Community (IIC) Therapy & Behavioral Assistance Services 

The primary goal of service delivery, intervention and treatment is to ensure the safety of our members. 7TH & Madison 
Intensive In-Community Services are flexible, multi-purpose, in-home/community clinical support services for parents/caregivers/guardians and children/youth with behavioral and emotional needs who are receiving case management or Out-of-Home services. The purpose of these interventions is to strengthen the family, to provide family stability and to preserve the family constellation in the community setting.

Our services are flexible both as to where and when they are provided based on the family's needs. This family-driven treatment is based on targeted needs as identified in the ISP/ICP/treatment plan. The ISP/ICP/treatment plan also includes specific intervention(s) with target dates for accomplishment of goals that focus on the restorative functioning of the child/youth with the intention of:

Stabilizing the child/youth's behavior(s) that led to the crisis

Preventing/reducing the need for inpatient hospitalization

Preventing the movement of the child/youth's residence

Preventing the need for out-of-home living arrangements

Project 7TH & Madison services will also facilitate a child/youth's transition from an intensive treatment setting back to his/her community. They are designed to be time limited in nature with the objective of helping the youth and family transition to longer term community based mental health services which are congruent with their treatment needs when needed. Interventions will be delivered with the goal of diminishing the intensity of treatment over time. The following are some of the possible interventions that may be implemented in ensure the overall success of our members:

- Individual and family therapy
- Clinical consultation/evaluation
- Child/youth behavioral management

- Family counseling/psycho-education 

- Allied Therapies
- Behavioral Assistance 


The IIC Clinicians and/or Therapists provides services in the youth’s home and in the community. The IIC Therapist provides a variety of mental health services including individual and family therapy, evaluation and counseling. These services are time- limited and should focus on transferring skills to the family and transitioning the family to community based services and supports.

In situations where a family is assigned to both BA and IIC Therapist services both the BA and IIC Therapist work as a team to improve life domain functioning. These workers link to provide more focused and intensive complimentary services. They communicate on a consistent basis about family progress. The IIC therapist will develop the overall treatment plan, in addition to the specific Behavioral Assistance Individual Service Plan (BAISP)


Needs assessments are evaluations completed by a clinically licensed and state certified clinician. This service involves meeting with the child and family in the home or in a community facility for purposes of assessment using a specific assessment tool to evaluate the child and family strengths, needs and goals. Recommendations for length and type of treatment are included, in addition to treatment goals.

PROJECT 7TH & MADISON- Behavioral Assistance Services (BA)

7TH & Madison's Behavioral Assistance Services are specific, outcome-oriented services designed to augment other mental/behavioral health services included in a youth's comprehensive treatment plan. 7th & Madison Behavioral Assistance Service is a dynamic process of intervention designed to target specific behaviors that are interfering with a child/youth’s functioning. It includes ongoing evaluation resulting in effective modification of a child/youth’s identified behavior(s). They are components of an approved, written, detailed individualized behavioral assistance plan of care prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral health care practitioner.  

The goal of Behavioral Assistance services involve applying positive behavioral principles within the community using culturally based norms to foster adaptive outcomes to enhance a child/youth’s behavior and/or attitude by developing and strengthening skills. The interventions should result in sustainable positive behavioral changes that improve functioning, enhance the quality of life and strengthen skills in a variety of life domains, including but not limited to, interpersonal relationships, social interaction, behavioral conduct, and the development of adaptive and effective coping skills for a child/youth and his or her primary caregiver in support of goals in an ISP/ICP/treatment plan. 

7TH & Madison Behavioral Assistance Services are provided in the individual’s home or other community setting and aimed at averting admission or readmission to residential mental/behavioral health treatment programs or inpatient psychiatric settings.

7TH & Madison Behavioral Assistance Services are face-to-face interventions provided individually or in a group setting with the child/youth and/or his/her family/caregiver(s) that will provide the necessary support to the child/youth to attain the goals of the service plan. Our Behavioral Assistance services can be provided in group setting to no more than three children and/or the family member(s)/caregiver(s) of up to three children/youth in one session.



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