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7TH & Madison Prevocational Training Program 

7TH & Madison home and community based services are designed to assist members enrolled in the Supports Program and Community Care  Program to receive supportive services either in their own home or in the community. 

Fundamental to services is a person-centered and customized-focused provision of care. 7TH & Madison’s Virtual/ Community’s prevocational program is a creative, successful program where individuals develop skills that prepare our members for paid or unpaid employment. Gaining work-related experience is considered crucial for job placement and career development.

Program Participants receive training and work experience that contributes to the development of job-related skills and employability. Members are taught concepts such as: work compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving, and safety, and, if applicable, how to identify obstacles to employment, obtain paperwork necessary for employment applications, and how to interact and socialize with others in the workplace. Members are provided scheduled activities outside of an individual’s home that support acquisition, retention, or improvement in job-related skills related to self-care, sensory-motor development, communication and socialization, daily living skills, and community living. This could include opening and maintaining a bank account for work-related direct deposit.

Every member receives a comprehensive evaluation, a patient-centered individualized plan of care with self-stated goals, and a program of therapies unique to their treatment needs.


Eligibility Requirements:

Prevocational Services are Virtual and/or Community Based available for people 21 years of age and older and are receiving Support Coordination services from NJ-DDD. Individuals must have a clear desire to work in competitive employment.


Services Include:

Comprehensive screening and assessment services

Patient-centered individualized plans of care and care coordination

 Individual vocational counseling

 Placement in volunteer work, and paid or unpaid time-limited internships

 Referral to education, vocation, and wellness services

 Employability Training


7TH & Madison ensures Prevocational Services members have continuous access to high quality home and community-based services that are integrated into a comprehensive, person-centered and recovery-focused provision of care.