Empower families and strive to ensure the health, success and safety of those we serve

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What sets 7TH & Madison apart from other organizations?

Our passion for making a difference, dedication to our members, business experience and expertise.  In addition our knowledge and experience in healthcare and human services; identifying service issues, system issues, accounting issues, claim, and enrollment issues and resolving these issues within 14 days gives us the ability to ensure our plans are approved prior to the 30 days required by DDD.

Do you perform audits on your staff?

Yes, we have an internal quality compliance team that listens to phone calls, reviews documentation, plans prior to approval and after to ensure all staff are adhering to our internal quality guidelines. 

 What is an Essential Lifestyle Plan? 

It is a process of gathering information; a place to organize information about a person to build a description of the person in a respectful manner; a prescription of how the person wants to be supported. 

What is a Support Coordinator? 

A Support Coordinator is an independent facilitator of the person’s planning team that insures the focus, person’s voice and choices are honored by those supporting them to plan and build on their current life. 

What is meant by Facilitator? 

A Facilitator is someone who makes navigating the planning process, the budgeting process and the community connecting process easier. A Facilitator is a builder of consensus, not a decision maker. 

Who refers a person for participation in the Essential Lifestyle Planning Process? 

DDD refers a person for Support Coordination. The Support Coordinator does the outreach to the family/guardian. The person, their Planning Team and Interdisciplinary Team participate in a Community Planning meeting to finalize the Essential Lifestyle Plan. The Essential Lifestyle Plan is used to create an Expectation Sheet for qualified providers.