​In the Supports Program, individual Budgets can be used on the following services:

Assistive Technology

Behavioral Supports

Career Planning

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Community Based Supports

Community Inclusion Services

Day Habilitation

Environmental Modifications

Good and Services

Interpreter Services

Natural Supports Training

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Prevocational Training

Respite (In Home & Hotel)

Speech, Language, and Hearing Therapy

Support Employment


Vehicle Modification

* Please note the budgets have increased for FY19 Wage Increase 

Our Mission of service to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders, in addition to their families, and to increase overall independence and strengthen families.

We are proud to announce, "7TH & MADISON EXTENSIONS OF EMPOWERMENT IS A DDD Self Approving Agency!" ​​

​What Services Are Available to Our Members?

7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment, serves Essex, Bergen, Hudson, Union, Morris, Middlesex, and Passaic counties; has been approved by the Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) as a Support Coordination Agency.  

Access to a Person Centered Team Approach, Support Coordination honors the hopes and dreams of individuals and their families. Case Managers facilitate a customized and individualized planning process that enables people and their families to make informed choices. 7TH & Madison was the first Support Coordination Agency in Newark and Maplewood, New Jersey to serve adults with Intellection and Developmental Disabilities. 

Support Coordination services ensure our members have access to needed programs and State plan services. Support Coordination is managed by one Support Coordinator for each member. The Support coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with the member, their family and other team members designated by the member. The Support Coordinator is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the provision of services included the Individualized Service Plan. 

Our agency is located in the financial District of Maplewood, New Jersey. We are pleased to service the following counties within New Jersey: Bergen, Essex, Union, Morris, Hudson, Passaic, and Middlesex.

Members receive guidance, support and information related to issues of housing. Housing advocacy includes, but is not limited to collecting and sharing information and resources on available housing options like Section 8 and other affordable housing options. While providing a detailed explanation of housing options associated with the Supportive Housing Program.

Supports Program Budgets

Understanding The Supports Program

In New Jersey, services and support for adults with developmental disabilities are primarily funded through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  DDD is in the process of rolling all of the services that they provide from their previous contract-based system into a Medicaid-based Fee-for-Service system.  In order to be eligible for DDD funded services, all individuals enrolled in the DDD system of supports and services must now be Medicaid eligible. To be eligible an individual must also be a New Jersey resident and meet the criteria of having a developmental disability.

To apply for services, an individual* must complete the DDD Intake Application and provide the required supporting documentation.  After this preliminary paperwork is reviewed, the individual will be referred to the Developmental Disabilities Planning Institute (DDPI) who will assist them with completing a NJCAT (NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool). Information acquired through the completion of the NJCAT will determine the amount of funding received or “Tier” to which an individual will be assigned.  After a review of all of the data, individuals will receive written notification of their eligibility for one of two programs – the Supports Program or the Community Care Program.

The Supports Program

After being determined eligible, individuals who wish to utilize the services available in the Supports Program must first choose a Support Coordination Agency.  A Support Coordinator will then be assigned to them and is responsible for assisting the individual with planning and making necessary connections with services and resources.  DDD case managers used to be the primary link between individuals and DDD services. In this new system, Support Coordinators provide that vital link.

The Tier that the individual was assigned to corresponds to a level of funding based on functional and support needs. This funding, or individual budget, will provide the resources that the individual can utilize when choosing or accessing services.  The following chart shows the funding amounts available in the various tiers.  Note that additional funding is available for individuals needing extra support in order to pursue or engage in employment (Supported Employment).

​​​7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment- Support Coordination Agency 

Empower families and strive to ensure the health, success and safety of those we serve