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7TH & Madison Supports Brokerage Services

We are excited to provide Supports Brokerage to 7TH & Madison members!

7TH & Madison Brokers assists members (or the member’s family or representative, as appropriate) in arranging for, directing and managing services. Serving as the agent of the member or family, the service is available to assist in identifying immediate and long-term needs, developing options to meet those needs and accessing identified supports and services. Practical skills training is offered to enable families and participants to independently direct and manage program services. Examples of skills training include providing information on recruiting and hiring personal care workers, managing workers and providing information on effective communication and problem-solving. The service/function includes providing information to ensure that member's understand the responsibilities involved with directing their services.

The Supports Broker Role:

•  Execute the outcome/goal established in the NJISP

• Assist with employer-related functions, planning, accessing community resources and service and support continuity and maintenance

•  Varies depending on the choice and preferences of individual acting as an employer of record or managing employer

•  Ranges from teaching skills to performing a task for the individual

•  Determined by the individual and/or their decisions -- broker recommendations are accepted/refused by        individual