​​​7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment- Support Coordination Agency 

Empower families and strive to ensure the health, success and safety of those we serve


20 Years of Trusted Experience

Mission Statement- “Our goal is to enhance the lives of our members by creating access to obtain successful employment in integrated community settings.”

The Achievement Program was created with the goal of providing transition services to all graduating students residing in New Jersey. We also provide transition services specific to individuals with an ID/DD to prepare them for resources available to  21+ population and how to navigate the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJ-DDD) process. 

7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment (7TH & Madison) is pending CARF accredited to provide transition services to graduating students.
Life after graduation offers continued success when planning is a joint effort! 7TH & Madison Transition Specialists collaborate with students, families and school personnel to create a student-centered post-graduate plans based on skills, preference, available funding and community supports.

7TH & Madison also recognize that bridging the gap between adult and educational services can be complicated and overwhelming to students and families. We are here to ease the transition and discuss eligible services available to the graduate as they navigate "life after high school".

We are committed to empowering transitioning students to achieve their full potential as they prepare for a productive life following graduation.  7TH & Madison staff assists students to access services from state and federal agencies, including NJDDD, Medicaid, and the Social Security Administration. 7TH & Madison provides assistance with accessing transportation services in the student's community.

7TH & Madison provides students/members with job exploration opportunities based on skills, abilities and interests prior to graduation. We assist graduates in identifying employment preferences and pursuing employment opportunities in their community. Internships also provide valuable information to determine potential employers. For students who are not ready for employment, our staff arranges tours of programs and assistance identifying funding sources. For students who want to continue their education, 7TH & Madison staff assists the student and family identify prospective academic institutions to meet the student's needs.