The 7TH & Madison Summer Institute is a vital part of the 7TH & MADISON Upward Mobility experience. It is a four-week intensive program. It generally begins at the beginning of July and concludes in early August. During this time, participants utilize the 7TH & Madison Maplewood location and students return home at the end of program day. Students are required to participate in some weekend activities.

The Summer Institute aims to create a college-like academic environment that encourages participants to develop autonomy, academic responsibility, and expand their knowledge of their own scholastic competencies in preparation for college and social capital.

Benefits of 7TH & Madison Upward Mobility Institute Participants:

  • Participating in triage and conferencing of youth  to best match student needs with the service and support provided by this program

  • Conducting research on topics they choose and presenting their data

  • Assistance  in developing academic skills, behaviors, and attitudes that lead to admission and retention in a post-secondary institution

  • Arranging supplemental instruction, including specific course or content assistance/tutoring to prepare students for college level course work

  • Linking students to college retention programs such as the Educational Opportunity Program/Fund

  • Assistance in exploring career interests and bolstering their

          professional experience by facilitating internships, job shadowing,

          volunteering, community service opportunities, or employment where appropriate

  • Utilizing assessment tools with youth such as the New Jersey Career

            Assistance Navigator (NJCAN) program

  • Providing relevant and local job searching resources and assistance in

            application completion and preparation for interviewing

  • Developing students’ soft skills to enable them to perform successfully in

          a work environment. Soft skills include: communication, attitude, teamwork,          

          networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism

  • Integrating advanced technology

  • Social Capital







​​​​​​Upward Mobility Institute Mission

Upward Mobility Achievement Programs provides young scholars with a series of specialized preparatory services including; tutoring, mentoring, advising, programming, with research ability to increase student success and graduation from high school and admission to institutions of higher education.


​​​7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment- Support Coordination Agency 

Empower families and strive to ensure the health, success and safety of those we serve