​7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment, LLC., Support Coordination and Social Service Agency celebrates over 20 years of providing quality supports to adults and youth with disabilities, throughout the state of New Jersey with primary emphasis in Essex, Passaic, Hudson, Union, Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, and Morris counties. ​


Mission Statement

It is the mission of 7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment, LLC. to service individuals with Disabilities, Intellectual and Developmental Disorders in addition to their families, to increase overall independence while empowering families and striving to ensure the health and safety of those we serve. We provide case management services, mentoring services, social appropriateness program support services, pre-vocational and vocational services to adults and youth with disabilities. These programs promote independence, responsibility and decision-making for individuals with disabilities. It is the intent of these programs to provide individuals with the access to the services needed to increase their independence. 

7TH& Madison Extensions of Empowerment, LLC. shall conduct all programs with integrity, treating each member with dignity and respect.


7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment, with offices throughout Essex, Bergen, Hudson, Union, Morris, Passaic counties, has been approved by the Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) as a Support Coordination Agency.  

Access to a Person Centered Team Approach, Support Coordination honors the hopes and dreams of individuals and their families. Case Managers facilitate a customized and individualized planning process that enables people and their families to make informed choices. 7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment was the first Support Coordination Agency in Essex County, New Jersey to serve adults with Intellection and Developmental Disabilities. 

Support Coordination services ensure our members have access to needed programs and State plan services. Support Coordination is managed by one Support Coordinator for each member. The Support coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with the member, their family and other team members designated by the member. The Support Coordinator is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the provision of services included the Individualized Service Plan. 

Members receive guidance, support and information related to issues of housing. Housing advocacy includes, but is not limited to collecting and sharing information and resources on available housing options like Section 8 and other affordable housing options. While providing a detailed explanation of housing options.

​​​7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment- Support Coordination Agency 

Empower families and strive to ensure the health, success and safety of those we serve